The Network Project: WORKSHOP

Building the Sustainable Society (2)
What's getting in our way?

presented by Linda Kaucher

held on Saturday 16th September 2006,
Room 314, St. Clements Building, London School of Economics

There is now an urgency to 'sustainability' that the history of the planet has not known before. Though widely used, how much is 'sustainability' explored?  What is the sustainability that we want to see? What is shared in that idea?  What are the challenges that are disabling us from taking that path? Are they technological, or are they social, political or based in fear? And how can these challenges be overcome, at what may be a now or never stage?

11.00         Session 1: What do we need for a sustainable Society?
1.30           Session 2: What is getting in our way?
3.00           Session 3: What are we going to right now?

Linda Kaucher has kindly written a report of the workshop in three parts. It will take time to display them on the site, meanwhile they are available as downloads in Word Format:

word download • What we will see ?
word downloadWhat are the Challenges ?
HTML page How To Overcome the Challenges

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