The Network Project: Programme of Events
Date Title Speakers Links
Sat 17th April 2010
Room S314, St Clements Building, LSE, 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm
Openspace Gathering to celebrate visits to the UK of John Courtneidge and Robin Upton. We set up this project with the aim of making a difference, but after some time of being inactive we need to review our various projects, identify common themes, and find ways of moving forward. So far we are expecting the following participants: John Courtneidge, Robin Upton, Peter Challen, Tarek El Diwani, Rosamund Stock, Ian Brown, Maureen Boustred, Mary Fee, Woody Bronson and Frank Bowman - more may be added. DETAILS
Sat 25th Nov 2006
Rooms S314-315, St Clements Building, LSE, 11am-1pm and 1.30-4pm
Exploring the Importance of Community & Devolution as a part of the overall alternative to Neoliberal globalisation. Ian Brown of The Network Project and Woody of Devolve REPORT
Sat 28th Oct 2006
11am -4.30pm
Fair Trade at the Crossroads
After Nestlé, where next?

Claude Moraes, MEP, and Paul Chandler, Chief Executive Traidcraft REPORT
Sat 16th Sept 2006
Building the Sustainable Society (2)
What's getting in our way?
Linda Kaucher REPORT
Sat 15th July 2006
International negotiations, GATS etc Linda Kaucher Details
Sat 10th June 2006
What Kind of Society will lead to Sustainability? Ian Brown


Sat 8th April 2006
Associative Economics and Rudolf Steiner's Thinking Arthur Morgan Edwards


Sat Nov 19th 2005

The Ownership Conference
Inaugural Event

John Christiensen, John Hilary, Chris Cook, Rosamund Stock, Molly Scott Cato, Mark Hayes, Details
Sat 24th Sept 2005 Local Currencies    
Sat 19th Feb 2005 Corporate Power and its Abuses Claire Fausset of Corporate Watch  
Mon 6th Dec 2004 6.30pm Altruistic (or Post Autistic) Economics Robin Upton  
Sat 6th Nov 2004 Binary Economics Rodney Shakespeare Binary
Sat 16th Oct 2004 Reforming Capital or Replacing It Rosamund Stock  
Sat 9th Oct 2004 Building up the Story So Far Robert Corfe  
Sat 22nd May 2004 New Socialism II Ian Brown  
Sat 24th April 2004 New Socialism I Robert Corfe  
Sat 27th March 2004 Open capital: A Quiet Revolution in Capitalism Chris Cook  
Sat 21st Feb 2004 Key Worker Housing - a Co-operative Solution    
Sat 1st Nov 2003 Tame the Corporations II Roger Warren-Evans  
Sat 22nd Feb 2003 Tame the Corporations I Roger Warren Evans  
Venue: St Clements Building, London School of Economics, Houghton St, London WC2A 2AE. For further details and room number follow the links and/or contact Rosamund Stock on 0845-450-0610 or email: